When deciding on which new thermostat to install in your home, you should first understand all of the benefits that the programmable thermostats bring. Not only you can easily control the temperature, but a programmable thermostat also provides flexibility in terms of configuring your daily household climate based on your family’s routine. This means that you no longer have to heat or cool a home when everyone is at work or at school. That will allow you to save the cost based on the lower energy utilization of your HVAC unit.

The current models of programmable thermostat units have tons of added features outside of just setting the temperature control up and down:

  • You can program the thermostat to allow your HVAC system to “stay off” when you’re not at home, and turn it on right before you get off work or school, allowing your home to pre-cool or pre-heat
  • You can program the thermostat to have the separate settings for the weekend, when everyone is home
  • You can also set the programming features on a daily basis based on your personal routine
  • Some thermostats also have the build-in humidity sensors, allowing you to prevent access moisture, which can in turn lead to mold.
  • Thermostats with build-in zoned temperature control allow you to setup multiple zones to better control ac and heating at different sections of your home
  • Some models can monitor the temperature outside of your house
  • Reminders can assist you with the timely filter inspection

As you can see, having a programmable thermostat will allow  you to increase your home comfort, while saving the cost in the long run. If you would like to obtain more information on how a programmable thermostat can help you save on cooling and heating cost, contact California AC and Heating, Inc. for an expert advise at: (818)590-7941, or email us at: acandheatrepairs@gmail.com.

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