Many of our customers are not aware that their indoor air quality may be extremely poor due to mold, pollen, and different types of allergens that are very difficult to get rid of. Those of you that are suffering from asthma or allergies probably felt that breathing outdoors is much better than indoors. Well, one of the things that can help you enhance the air quality inside of your residence or workplace is an addition of the air purifier. Now, you might’ve seen the air purifiers that are sold at your local Costco or Home Depot store. These air purifiers claim to clean up as much as 300+ square feet of living space. At the same time, these air purifiers take up space, and also require expensive filters to be replaced twice, and sometimes, three or four times per year. These filters can cost over $50. So to sum it all up, running only one of these air purifiers could cost you upwards of $200 per year plus additional electricity cost. Last, these air purifiers make noise. And if having a fan run next to you on a 24/7 basis is not something you enjoy hearing, we have a solution!

Many of our customers don’t realize that they can replace all of their air purifiers that they installed throughout the homes with a commercial-grade whole-house air purification system. These systems require an upfront investment. The good news are:

  1. Some of the whole-house air purification systems don’t require any maintenance. You heard it correctly. None!
  2. They take up less electricity than your standard home purification systems.
  3. They take no space inside your house, as they will be mounted inside of your hvac system.
  4. They don’t make any noise, and turn on when your air conditioner or heater is on in order to clean up the air.
  5. They remove bacteria, mold, and allergens allowing your home to have fresh air.

If Air Quality is something that you want to improve at your house, don’t hesitate to call us now for a free consultation on some of our services: (818) 590-7941.