Hey, Sherman Oaks peeps! Summer’s here and the sun is shining like an Insta influencer at Coachella. 🌴 But let’s get real, no one wants to sweat like they’re in a hot yoga class—inside their home, right? So let’s get into it: how does extreme heat affect your precious AC system and how can you, stylish homeowner, avoid an AC meltdown?

So, What’s the Deal When the Heat Is On? 🌡️

Listen, if the outside temperature starts flirting with triple digits, your AC gets into a complicated relationship with your comfort. It’s designed to chill (literally) around 100ºF. Cross that line, and it’s like asking your grandma to run a marathon—she might do it, but it’s not good for her.

Your AC will work its metal butt off, sure, but it’ll also beg for a break with skyrocketing energy bills. You’ll probably think, “Let’s go colder!” and drop the thermostat. But that’s like pouring gas on a fire. The bills rise, and it becomes a dance-off between your AC and the utility company. Visit acandheatrepairs.com to understand why a well-maintained AC system is a happy one.

How Do We Keep it Cool, Like Matthew McConaughey? 😎

Firstly, stick to the golden rule: change your air filters! Imagine trying to breathe through a pillow; it’s the same thing for your AC when filters are clogged. Get out there with a long-handled brush and show some love to your exterior fans too. Got an old AC? If it’s close to attending high school, it’s time for an upgrade. Visit our service page to check out new, efficient models that are the AC equivalent of a Tesla.

Stay Cool Without Breaking the Bank 💸

  1. Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat: Why manually adjust when you can schedule temperature changes? Plus, control it from your phone because who doesn’t love playing with new gadgets?
  2. Ceiling Fans are Your Friends: Use them to stir up your conditioned air like you’re mixing a summer cocktail. Makes the room feel cooler, like, instantly!
  3. Block That Sun: Curtains aren’t just for show, folks! Use them to keep the sun from turning your house into a sauna.
  4. Night Owl Settings: When it’s bedtime, set your thermostat a tad lower. Trust us; you’ll sleep like a baby—or at least, like an adult without AC worries.

For more AC hacks, check our maintenance guide.

Let’s Wrap it Up! 🎉

Summer in Sherman Oaks should be about pool parties, BBQs, and enjoying that California sunshine—not stressing about an overworked AC. At California AC and Heating, we’re here to make sure you can do just that. Got questions? Need an upgrade? Hit us up and stay cool, Sherman Oaks!

📞 Call us today and don’t sweat the small (or hot) stuff! 🌞