Hey, North Hollywood restaurateurs! We know your restaurant is the hottest place in town (figuratively speaking, of course), but there’s one thing that should stay cold – your commercial refrigerator. When it goes on the fritz, you need solutions stat. Here at California AC & Heating, we’re diving into the icy world of refrigerator woes that local NoHo eateries often grapple with.

1. Inconsistent Temperature

The most common issue? Fluctuating temperatures. You’re aiming for a perfectly chilled avocado gazpacho, but instead, you get something closer to a lukewarm smoothie. Not the vibe!

Possible Culprits: Blocked vents, faulty thermostats, or a compressor in distress.

2. Water Leaks Everywhere

If there’s a mini-pool forming around your fridge, it’s not just a slip hazard, it’s a sign that something’s amiss.

Possible Culprits: Clogged drain lines or issues with the evaporator.

3. Noisy Fridge Chatter

The only chatter in your restaurant should be the hum of happy customers. If your refrigerator’s louder than your espresso machine, it’s crying out for attention.

Possible Culprits: Faulty fans, misaligned components, or an overworked compressor.

4. Doors That Just Won’t Seal

Your fridge doors should seal like a promise. If they’re constantly ajar, you’re not just losing cool air; you’re upping your energy bills.

Possible Culprits: Damaged gaskets or misaligned door hinges.

5. Frosty The Ice Build-Up

A frosty fridge interior might look like a winter wonderland, but too much ice means there’s a meltdown (literally and figuratively) waiting to happen.

Possible Culprits: Malfunctioning defrost timers or heaters.

Chill Out, We Got You!

Is your fridge showing any of these chilling symptoms? Fear not! California AC & Heating is North Hollywood’s one-stop-shop for all things commercial refrigeration. And guess what? We don’t just cool things down. We heat things up with our air conditioning, heating installation, service, repairs, and maintenance too!

So, before you let your commercial fridge turn your restaurant drama up a notch, remember we’re just a click away. Let’s keep NoHo’s eateries as cool as its reputation!