Air conditioning and heating industry in general has many acronyms that may (or may not) make much sense to an average customer. One of these acronyms is called “SEER”. These words are used to properly identify how efficient is your HVAC unit in terms of taking electricity and converting it into cold air coming out of your vents. When it comes to the heat pumps, they use a rating of HSPF, which basically means Heating Seasonal Performance Factor. This metric is being used to properly measure the effectiveness of your system’s heating, and is very similar to SEER. Usually, higher number means your system is more efficient. However, efficiency comes at a cost, which is a higher initial investment you’d need to make in order to purchase a more expensive unit.

We also encourage our customers not to “over-invest” in to the system that is more powerful than their home actually needs. In those instances, extra “horsepower” will not be properly utilized, and you will in turn be paying higher monthly cost for electrical and gas bills. We always encourage our customers to speak to one of our qualified technicians to get an accurate estimate on the power of the system that they may need.

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