There are many things you can do in terms of servicing your HVAC system. However, there is one key element to ensure you unit runs for as many years as possible without major problems, and that is regular cleaning of the AC coils. AC units generally move a lot of air. Efficient units move more cool air in a short period of time in order to cool down your home. At the same time, due to the fan running so fast, there are small dust particles and debris that can get clogged down and spun up by the fan. As it happens, these small or large particles stick to the coils that are supposed to cool the air, creating a barrier between the fan and the coils. As a result, the energy efficiency of your central AC system will be dramatically reduced.

We recommend regular cleaning of your AC unit’s coils to ensure prolonged life of the system as well as saving on the overall energy cost. Contact us to schedule a service at: (818)  590-7941.