If you happen to have an older Central Air Conditioning system, chances are  you have an older compressor unit as well. Here we will share why proper maintenance of your compressor unit will do you favors, while saving long-term unnecessary cost of system replacement.

  1. Proper cleaning. Cleaning your compressor unit, even if you have a newer one, is very important in order to maintain an overall system longevity. Often times, old leaves, bugs, and other debris can get inside of the unit, forcing it to work extra hard in order to cool your home. Since the system will be running in “overtime” mode, it will result in an increased energy bill as well as an extra work of the overall system, which will then cause your whole central AC system to stop functioning prematurely. Hence, don’t forget to properly clean the condenser.
  2. Have you recently noticed that your energy bill is increasing, while your AC system utilization is the same? This is the first sign of an AC system working extra long and extra hard in order to cool  your home. One of the things that could be malfunctioning is your condenser unit. Check for any leaks around the unit to ensure the coolant is not leaking.

In the below photo, you can see how we brought back to life a 39-year-old condenser system. It was very old, not properly maintained all these years, and just stopped working one day. The original owner tried to fix it many times, but other companies struggled with such a complex system. This is when they called California AC & Heating to help them fix their unit during the recent heatwave.

Here’s another photo to show you how old the system was:

And one more from the roof:

If your older central conditioning system needs repair, don’t hesitate to contact California AC & Heating at: (818) 590-7941, and one of our experienced technicians will assist you. And remember that we’re now open 24/7 for all types of AC and Heating emergencies!