One of the services that California AC and Heating provides is service, upgrades, repairs and installation of furnace systems. However, have you ever wondered how furnace systems actually work? Well, read below to find out how…

One of the things that makes a furnace system special is the amount of heat that it generates. In addition to heat, furnaces also produce quite a large amount of noxious fumes, which in turn have to be vented outside of your house. This is where California AC and Heating would install an exhaust. A properly installed exhaust ensures that you can safety be inside of your home, while your system continues to heat your house. If the system is not installed in a proper way, it may be extremely dangerous to be indoors, as you would be inhaling all of the dangerous gasses and chemicals. California AC and Heating has been proudly serving the Greater Los Angeles area for more than 10 years, and our superstar technicians (yes… superstar!) can handle even the most difficult problems that others can’t.

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One of the more serious problems that a furnace can potentially develop is called “backdraft”, which is  a process where the fumes are sucked into the furnace versus the other way around. It can be caused because of a pressure and some of the existing problems with an exhaust fan. Corrosion is another thing that can create small cracks in the vent. And last, leaking may be a major problem that leads into the gasses escaping the proper exhaust channels.

Furnace is the most important piece of ensuring proper heating of your home. If you need any furnace repair, installation, or service – please call us now to schedule a consultation with one of our professional technicians. We’re here to help!