In this article, we wanted to share some recent work that we’ve done for Burbank Hospital. One of their multiple commercial Heating and Air Conditioning units was malfunctioning for quite a long time. Since this is a hospital, it is mission-critical to keep the right temperature to ensure the comfort and heath of the patients. Burbank Hospital has relied on 4 different HVAC companies to try to repair the existing damaged system. However, all of them were unsuccessful.

Once we received the call, we dispatched one of our mechanics with 10+ years of experience to quickly go to location and identify the problem. One of the things that were identified was dying compressor along with multiple freon leaks. While other companies took advantage of the situation by charging the Hospital thousands of dollars per repair, we did a cost estimate to present the hospital with multiple options. One of them was to replace the old system with a brand new unit by American Standard, which has been the leading manufacturer in the United States. And while the upfront cost turned out to be more than the cost of repairs, the unit would run for a longer period of time requiring only routine maintenance.

We’re sharing this news a bit late with you, as this work has been performed 2 years ago. Even since that time, Burbank Hospital has been relying solely on California AC and Heating, Inc. for all of their air conditioning and heating needs.

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