Homeowners today have a variety of options when it comes to heating systems, especially furnaces. AC & Heat Repairs, your trusted North Hollywood and Studio City heating expert, is here to guide you through the process of choosing between an electric furnace and a combustion furnace. Let’s explore the workings, benefits, and considerations of each system to help you make an informed decision for your home.

Electric Furnaces: An electric furnace uses a heating element containing tightly-wound metal coils. When electrified, these coils generate a significant amount of heat. Once the desired temperature is reached, the furnace’s blower activates, blowing cool air over the coils and distributing the warmed air throughout your home via a duct system. Benefits of electric furnaces include:

  1. No combustion byproducts – Electric furnaces do not produce soot, ash, or toxic fumes and gases since they don’t burn fuel.
  2. High energy efficiency – Electric furnaces boast impressive energy efficiency ratings due to their lack of exhaust. Many models have ratings as high as 100%.
  3. No need for fossil fuels – Some homes don’t have access to fossil fuels like natural gas, and some homeowners prefer to avoid combustion systems.

Combustion (Gas) Furnaces: Gas furnaces generate heat by igniting a component called a burner. The flames and hot gases warm a heat exchanger, which traps toxic combustion byproducts inside while allowing the safe, warm air on the outside to be blown into your home. A flue is connected to the heat exchanger to vent toxic byproducts outside. Benefits of combustion furnaces include:

  1. Fast heating – Combustion furnaces heat up quickly, providing rapid warmth to your home.
  2. Convenience – Natural gas furnaces have a constant fuel supply, eliminating concerns about fuel deliveries or running out of fuel.
  3. Wide availability – Gas furnaces are a common heating system, ensuring easy access to parts for repair and replacement.

Understanding your furnace options makes it easier to choose the best system for your home. If you’re considering a new heating installation in North Hollywood or Studio City, contact AC & Heat Repairs today to schedule an appointment with one of our installation specialists.

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