Southern California weather tends to be on the “warmer” side especially during the summer. That is lightly saying… Usually it’s a hot climate that sometimes hits into the 110F degrees on some hot days in the valley, such as in Woodland Hills, Calabasas, and Tarzana areas. Imagine your house, a condo, or a business without a reliable always functioning AC system during one of these days. This is where conducting regular maintenance comes into play.

April is usually an idea month to start thinking ahead towards the summer. Thin of the summer as a rush hour traffic where everyone is trying to get to their destination as quickly as possible. Wouldn’t you rather drive on an empty highway and get to your destination much quicker? April also happens to be one of the least busiest months for our Southern California locations due to the warmer climate as it moves from winter into the summer. Therefore, you will get much more flexibility when it comes to scheduling, as well as parts availability.

At California AC and Heating we offer various preventative maintenance programs depending on your specific needs and requirements. In addition, by conducting your service in the month of April, you will also be eligible for a significant discount off of any of our services.

Contact us now to get connected to one of our super-cool technicians with any questions or service needs in Southern California region. We’re here to help!