If you want to enjoy the ice-cold air coming out of the vents of your house come summer time, you should think about upgrading it in advance of the warm season. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. You will get more time to select an HVAC Contractor to pick for the work to ensure you’re comfortable with the company you hire. During the hot seasons in SoCal, this may become challenging, as everyone is busy and scheduling a call may be more difficult.
  2. During the offseason, you may enjoy the benefit of lower cost of installing a new AC unit, as many major manufacturers have an additional supply of the systems that may be ready for your install.
  3. COVID-19 showed that supply chain is a high risk for our country, and that means that many factories sourcing the parts for AC systems have been shut down because of COVID-related issues.


And here are a few photos of the new system we just installed for one of our happy customers in Greater Los Angeles area. Remember, we specialize in residential and commercial HVAC (AC + Heating) system installations, repairs, and upgrades.