AC Repair in Woodland HillsIn our previous posts we talked about how important it is to conduct a regular maintenance on your central AC system. Well, this time we’d like to share a few tricks you can do to prepare for the hot California summers. Typically, LA area is experiencing high temperatures starting the months of May and June. There are a few malfunctions you can watch out for to ensure you have a healthy HVAC system. And if you don’t, please don’t hesitate to contact California AC and Heating to repair your AC unit in San Fernando Valley, CA area. We now offer 24/7 emergency repair services.

Icy Coils

If you notice any ice on your system’s coils, that’s the first sign of trouble. Think about your central AC system as a unit that provides cold air temperatures similar to your refrigerator. If you do see ice around your coils, that’s a first sign to contact your AC technician.

Sudden Increase in Electricity Cost

If you experience a sudden increase in the amount of your monthly electricity bill, this is another sign of your air conditioning system not functioning properly. Before you call our licensed technicians, we recommend that you visually inspect your AC system as well as the filter. Sometimes this is one of the signs that your filter needs to be replaced. California AC and Heating can assist  you with this. Or, this is something that you can check yourself if you know where your filter is located. Maintaining a clean filter is a key to prolonging the life of your central AC system.

Weird Noises from your AC System

Now, this one is yet another sign to call the professionals to take a look. If you hear any clicking or grinding or any other loud noises from your AC system, whether it’s outside or indoors, don’t hesitate to contact California AC and Heating. This may be a sign of your condenser not working properly, or the bearings starting to get old and need replacement. If you leave this unchecked, your entire motor may suffer unnecessary damages and may need to be replaced sooner than expected.

And remember, California AC and Heating is here to help you with any of your residential or commercial HVAC needs.