California is prone to high temperature heat waves, especially in Southern California region. It is virtually impossible to survive without a working air conditioning unit that will provide a comfortable cool air in your home. What you see below is a real-world example of someone not taking proper care of their central AC system in Studio City, CA. The return air duct was torn apart, which in turn created an AC problem in the middle of the heat wave. The house wasn’t being cooled, while the AC was working overtime to continuously try to cool hot air coming from the outside.

We always encourage our customers to take proper care of their central AC and Heating systems by regularly examining filters, cleaning condenser and coils, as well as periodically spot checking the ducts when you do other repairs around the home to ensure there are no torn parts like you see on the photo. And remember, we’re here to help with any central AC and Heating issues for both residential and commercial properties. Don’t hesitate to call us at: (818) 590 – 7941. We’re not open 24/7 for all types of emergencies!