Have you had a problem with a frozen condenser unit during the hot summer months? If yes, then this article is for you!

Your condenser is a very important piece of the overall central air conditioning system. However, there may be quite a few problems with a frozen condenser unit. If you notice ice, your AC may not be blowing hot air anymore. One of the most common issues could be related to the dirty evaporator coils. Service should be performed at periodic intervals to ensure your evaporator coils are functioning like new. They are a key element of your unit, and might cause other problems that you may not be aware of. If your unit runs for a long period of time due to frozen evaporator coils, your energy bill will go up without knowing what is really an issue.

In addition, we have ran into some of our customers having units that are more powerful than what they need. When a 5 ton unit for a small house designed for a 3 ton unit is cooling the house very quickly, it causes evaporator coils to freeze, requiring a service call, and a service call, and (you guessed it right… ūüôā ) another service call. It is important to ensure proper system sizing.

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