Sometimes even the best AC models make strange noises when they are operated, which may be a cause for concern. In addition, you might notice your energy bills are higher on average than before. You might also notice that your house is unevenly cooled during the hottest months of the summer. Well, it looks like there may be an issue with your air conditioning. Make sure that you don’t forget to periodically check  your AC system even during the winter months to ensure that it properly functions when you need it. In this article, we’ll review some of the most common heating and air conditioning system problems that might be happening to our customers. Please note that it is always recommended to have your central ac system looked at by one of our professional mechanics.

Issue #1: Your AC unit is making loud and strange noises.

Never disregard your AC unit making loud noises that are unusual for it. When that happens, make sure that you contact your local HVAC professionals. One of the reasons for your unit making loud noises could be a damaged component (banging sound), or a sign of an air leak (hissing sound).

Issue #2: Your AC unit has a frozen evaporator coil.

The central ac units’ evaporator coil is one of the primary components of your system. It is responsible to ensure the air pushed out through the vents is cool. Your evaporator coil absorbs all of the hot air travelling through the system, and with the help of refrigerant, cools it down and returns it back through the vents. When the coils are clean, your system functions at its optimal power. However, if the coils are damaged, get dirty, or frozen, then your system won’t function as intended. In addition, it is also important to ensure the proper amount of cooling liquid is always present. If your unit is running low on cooling liquid, this could lead up to frozen coils.

Issue #3: You are experiencing higher than usual energy bills.

Having the higher than usual energy bills could be a sign of a poor functioning air conditioning and heating system. If that is the case, then your unit would have to work overtime in order to ensure that your temperature stays at what you set it on your thermostat. Always pay attention to your energy bills. And as an FYI, at California AC and Heating, Inc we specialize in energy efficient air conditioning and heating units.

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